Reaching Your Goals



How one reaches their goals is very clearly a personal journey. However we have all been to the point of frustration and self doubt when things aren’t happening as quickly as planned. We understand. But, fear not, Personal Trainer, Alana Counts, shares her top 8 Tips when helping someone reach their goals.:

  1. Time.  Change takes time.  Be patient and kind to yourself. When we take our time your journey becomes a lifestyle rather than a “diet”.
  2. Move More. It’s actually that simple.  The more we move now, the easier it is to move later. #facts
  3.  Sleep. One of my most guarded elements. I look forward to it.  My body requires it for healing. Learn to listen to what your body is telling you. 
  4. Willpower.  Change is scary.  It takes courage to change things and it can be exhausting and unrewarding at times.   Find your WHY and fight your way to it.  Nothing in life is ever easy.
  5. Get your food right.  Learn how foods you eat can fuel you, help with growth and recovery.  Follow the 5 ingredients or less rule.  Anymore, toss it aside. And enjoy every bite!
  6. Lift weights. Ok, “Strength Train”. Call it whatever you want, but if you do nothing else, please do this. You will thank yourself in the future: trust us.
  7. Create a schedule and stick to it.  If you decide to make eating clean a priority, stop making excuses.  There are very few excuses that can prevent you from reaching a goal YOU choose..  Stick to the plan. Trust the process. Breathe.
  8. Reach out for help.  We are here to help you.  Reach out to one of on of our personal trainers and trust them to help you.

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