Personal Trainers

The training philosophy at the Sports Center is simple but effective. Eat right, put in the work and occasionally reward yourself and you will be successful. There are no magic formulas, pills or fad diets that will ever work as well as a long-term commitment to a balanced strategy of exercise and proper nutrition. Our training staff is here to guide you and support you through your own individual plan. We have years of experience and incredibly talented staff.

We require that our trainers have an exercise related to degree and /or Personal Training Certification, in addition to continuing education classes. We take a scientific approach to your success and working with a trainer will ensure more consistent results. Everyone can benefit from the accountability and positive motivation that comes with working with a trainer.


Grant Kelley is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Growing up Grant played baseball and football at the varsity level while working with several strength and fitness coaches in order to maximize his potential and athleticism on the field. While training in high school, Grant was able to shadow and assist trainers at Global Baseball Development Group in Beaufort, NC that specialized in sports specific strength and conditioning for Baseball and Softball players of all ages.
Grant then went on to play four years of collegiate baseball and graduated from Greensboro College with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Studies. In 2012, after college he pursued his passion in athletics and fitness at Proehlific Park in Greensboro Nc. There he was able to work with a diverse group of people from adult clients looking to loose weight and become healthier to collegiate and professional athletes looking to perform better at the next level of their sport. With his great personality, Grant has an unique way to meet his clients at their own level.


Mariah is a certified personal trainer through (International Sports Science Association) ISSA.
Growing up Mariah played softball, ran cross country and participated in weight training. From
highschool Mariah went directly into the military. Mariah joined the United States Marine Corps
when she was 17 years old and served 3 years, but was medically separated. During Mariah’s
time she served as an Aviation Ordnanceman who part-time trained other Marines to help with
their physical assessment tests.This included running/sprinting, pull-ups, and crunches. Mariah
specializes in strength training, weight loss, endurance running, and strength specialized injury
recovery. Mariah enjoys working out, hanging out with friends, and cooking in her spare time.
Mariah is also continuing her education by getting her certification in nutrition and wellness.
Mariah believes in helping people look and feel their very best, all while achieving any goals
they may have. Mariah also believes no matter what, you should always strive to do better than
the day before


Brittany is originally from Buffalo, NY where she received a Master's of Science in Health and Human Performance with a specialization in Strength and Conditioning. Within that program she had the opportunity to work with cardiac patients, high school, college and professional athletes and aided in facilitating the NHL combine in 2016. She has worked in the industry for over 8 years and has worked with a diverse population of clients on achieving their goals of fat loss, muscle gain and a better quality of life.

She specializes in strength specific sports and is a competitive powerlifter in USA Powerlifting herself. She offers programming, meet prep and meet day handling for beginner and advanced powerlifters alike. Brittany has experience working with bodybuilders, powerlifters and those just looking to get into better shape. She enjoys helping people reach new levels in their fitness journey in a healthy, balanced, sustainable way. Brittany believes that fitness should fit into and enhance your quality of life, rather than take away from it.


Lauren earned her B.S. in Fitness and Sports Science from Washington Adventist University in Maryland and a certification in Personal Training from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).  She played basketball, volleyball and softball in college.  Lauren specializes in helping all age groups develop and maintain a love and passion for fitness and staying active.

“My goal is to help my clients fall in love with moving their bodies and using the incredible abilities we have been given.  I want to equip my clients with all the tools they need to feel comfortable in and around the gym.”


  • Ashlyn has earned her B.S. in Kinesiology from Indiana University and a Certification in Personal Training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).
  • In her time in the fitness industry she has had the opportunity to train and work with a wide variety of clients aiding in fat loss and mobility, as well as athletes of all age groups.
  • She specializes in volleyball conditioning and facilitated many volleyball camps for kids throughout her years.

Graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a BS in Public Health in 2019, born and raised
in Carteret County and moved back home in 2022.
-Certified Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor since 2016, working with all
populations from athletes to elderly.
-Rock Steady Boxing Coach at PZ.