Training Options

We offer a variety of programs designed to meet everyone's budget and schedule.

One on One

Our most popular and versatile training option. Clients can opt for 30-minute session or full sessions that last up to an hour. Prices are affordable, starting at $30 and payment options are flexible.

Small Group

Small group programs are available up to 18 times per week. Schedules are pre-set and prices are very affordable, starting at around $100 for each month. Trainers will have everything set-up and ready to roll. All you need to do is show up. See the front desk or Performance Zone director for more information.

Measurements and Assessments

Establishing a baseline of fitness is sometimes an important tool to determine proper success in a program. Our highly skilled trainers can perform a wide variety of measurements and analysis to help establish your baseline and measure results. These include: body fat analysis, body mass index, cardiovascular fitness, strength, power, and flexibility. Schedule an appointment today.


For many, nutrition is the biggest stumbling block they face. You can never out run a bad diet and on top of that, proper nutrition is the key to shaping the body you want. Our trainers can work with you on basic nutrition principles. If you need more specialized help, we will refer you to a registered dietician that we partner with.

Sports Performance

We are equipped to handle all goals from athletic performance to weight loss. Learn more here.

Weight Management

Our belief is that a high percentage of weight management challenges can be solved through a healthy, balanced diet and a commitment to the correct exercise program. Our professionals will help guide you thru this process. Seasonal, specialized weight management programs are also available.